Monday, October 30, 2006

Diebold or Not Diebold

Diebold or NOT Diebold
(On November 7, 2006, 70 million voters may be disenfranchised by voting on privately held electronic voting machines like Diebold with no paper trail, no open source software to verify the legitimacy of the vote and machines that can be easily hacked before, during, and after an election)
By Mark Lysgaard.


Diebold or NOT Diebold,
That is the election to be sold...
Whether butterfly ballots
Or a black box machine,
The outcome of an inside job
Makes a dirty election clean.

Like little Miss Harris
Who can’t be embarrassed
Unless it is a bad make-up job.
When along came an insider;
The Supreme Court decider
Delivered Florida to the Bush mob.

Or Republican boy Blackwell
Whose state he would stack well
With Buckeye bucks for the GOP.
And so this awful GOPfather,
Whose ethics can’t be bothered,
Subverts the people’s will to be free.

So whether you’re in the southeast
Where minorities matter least,
Or some Midwest state,
A black box
Like small pox
May arrive to decide your fate.

Because corrupt computer hackers
And those freedom hi-jackers
Have proven in the recent past,
That slick voting screens
From private machines;
It’s no promise your vote’s been cast.

The corporate supervisors
Like contemptuous insiders
Make Diebold the choice to cast.
To privatize,
It’s no surprise
That democracy can not last.

A Dunk in the Water

A Dunk in the Water
(an interview and comments made by
Right-wing talk show host Scott Hennen
and VP Dick Cheney)
By Mark Lysgaard

It wasn’t even a softball question
That Scott Hennen threw the Veep.
But a tee ball question that stood quite still
So Dick could hit it into next week.

Would you agree “that a dunk in the water
Is a no brainer if it can save lives?”
The leading question had the Veep answer,
“It’s a no brainer”, came the reply.

What’s wrong with a dunk in the water
And bobbing for apples at a county fair?
The press can dunk their tee ball questions
In a vat for manure to share.

How about a baptismal dunk
In a holy roller right-wing church?
As long as the minister knows it’s one dunk
And he doesn’t look at all like Lurch.

Is a dunk in the water like a walk in the park,
But the park happens to be under water?
Waterboarding is the way to get there
Have victims for torture or slaughter.

Even the agency of central interrogators
Know that torture is a moral disgrace.
Perhaps if Dick got a dunk of his own
It’d be more than just a slap in the face.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The RNC Pulls the Corker

The RNC Pulls the Corker
(the Tennessee race for US congress has created controversy with the racist TV ads by the GOP to attack Harold Ford, an African American democratic challenger by showing him as a womanizer with a white woman from a Playboy party the year before in Florida. The Republican challenger Bob Corker has tried to distance himself from the racist ads that also feature the sound of African drums)
By Mark Lysgaard

Bob Corker and the RNC
Were desperate for pulling straws.
The straw polls showed Bob’s ratings suck;
Time to uncork some Jim Crow laws.

The smear campaign against Harold Ford
Spilled on Tennessee’s racist TVs.
Like Willy Horton and other race ads,
They played fear for the GOP.

Do we want this young Black man
Dating our white women, oh so blonde?
African drums beat strong in the ad.
Enraged the likes of Julian Bond.

But Kenneth Mehlmen in his closet of tricks
Denied the accusations.
There’s nothing wrong with our racist ads
To inspire our racist nation.

We’ll volunteer our strength and pride
Like our county fair’s finest pork.
Unless of course Harold Ford should win
And Bob Corker comes uncorked.

The Sound Bite Clown Strikes Again...

The Sound Bite Clown Strikes Again…
(a poem for Rush Limbaugh’s recent disgraceful
remarks about Michael J. Fox and Fox’s support
for stem cell research)
By Mark Lysdgaard

The sound bite clown from his sunshine station
Sat back to broadcast his lies.
The talking points from the RNC
Came down with a hideous disguise.

“Michael J. Fox is just an actor.”
His convulsions are “shameful and staged.”
He’s acting for those Liberal Democrats
It’s a war that he seeks to wage.

Parkinsons is not a real disease
And neither is that thing called Cancer.
And the Truth is just a toxic by-product
My psychosis knows the real answers.

So let’s keep the Fox out of the news,
Unless of course it’s FOX –TV.
“Stem cell research is about killing babies,”
Says the far Right RNC.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Minnis 2 Society (Oregon politics)

Stay the Course??

Stay the Course??
(President Bush, Tony Snow, and Dan Bartlett,
all Bush apologist are now setting out the meme
that “Stay the Course” was never the policy
pitch phrase for Iraq. Smart people beg to differ…)
By Mark Lysgaard

There must be a problem with the public’s hearing;
They must be hallucinating.
We never said we should “stay the course.”
That’s not what we’re debating.

What could the public have possibly heard?
Maybe the phrase was “pay the source”?
Or sometimes when I watch Mr. Ed,
I’ll say, “Go ahead an spay the horse!”

Maybe it was something completely different;
Putin ask me to “Stay for borscht”
Or maybe they thought I was Obi Wan
Who always said, “Obey the force.”

The public should really get a hearing test
So they don’t misunderstand my discourse.
When it comes to occupying the country Iraq,
Things could always get a whole lot worse.

My Gut Tells Me...

My Gut Tells Me…
(A classic Bushism is the president using his ubiquitous “gut” to rely on advice for his extremely bad judgements like invading a country that never attacked us. Columnist Thomas Friedman suggests that the Iraqi conflict can be compared to Vietnam after the Tet offensive. Bush oddly enough concurs this possibility in his interview with George Stephanopolous.)
By Mark Lysgaard

I think I saw Bush bow his head
And mumble I’m not sure what.
Was he praying to the Lord?
Or listening to his grumbling gut?

“Ladies and gentlemen my gut tells me
As my closest inside advisor
That we must hunger for victory”
Said the gut from the Great Decider.

My gut tells me the enemy’s strong
And they hate what we stand for…
They want to kill our appetite
As we thirst for foreign shores.

My gut tells me it may be like
Vietnam as Thomas Friedman suggests.
My gut asks me, “Why did I swallow?”
Food poisoning to be in this mess.

My gut tells me that history for me
Will be a benevolent flowing cup.
But those who thirst for the truth this time
May be excused if they first throw up.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Washingdung Bill

Washingdung Bill
On Senate Bill 3930 that Bush signed which would pardon him for all egregious crimes he has committed in the past 6 years and give him dictatorial powers to determine who is an “enemy combatant”
By Mark Lysgaard

There’s a mountain of dung that sits in the Senate
But the Republicans say it’s fertilizer.
It’s legislation to reverse the facts
Of the president who ignored the FISA*.

The dung smells bad with buzzing flies.
It’s worse than an agribiz farm.
But GOP sculptors are carving out the mass
For laws to reverse the Bush harm.

Republican reps hand out toilet paper
As the Constitution looks like North Korea’s.
It’s a dirty job cleaning up the mess
When Justice has bad diarrhea.

As the laws Bush broke are suddenly reversed,
And the Washingdung is voted in a hush.
We should all hold our nose as the Constitution goes
Spiraling down in the porcelain flush.

But if the laws Bush broke are somehow enforced
And the Dems win Congress with a plan,
Bush may find he’s got a brand new job
As the Federal pen’s Tidy Bowl man.

Death By a Thousand Cuts

Death By a Thousand Cuts
The Four State Purge
(revealations have emerged by
an insider in the RNC on how
Republicans plan to keep control
of Congress in 2006)
By Mark Lysgaard

Kenneth Mehlmen of the RNC
Had a devious and devastating plan.
To keep Congress in Republican control
And purge Dems for THE MAN.

Ohio would be the first test market
To see how the purge would go down.
College Dems and low income folks
Would be “cleansed” without a sound.

If you moved or do not respond
You may be off the voter rolls.
Come on down for a provisional ballot
So you cast it in an unnamed hole.

The other three states have yet to be named
But you can bet they’ll be battle grounds.
Dirty Tricks by Diebold machines
Flipping votes without a sound.

It’s the death of democracy by a thousand cuts
Like a hemophiliac in a knife store.
The liberal purging of the voter’s blood
Shows the stains on fascist shores.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Gittin' Our Ducks in Order

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mark Ex-Foliated

Mark Ex-Foliated
(a poem of the Mark Foley scandal
Who preyed upon a 16 year old page
by e-mail and the GOP attempt
to cover up an investigation)
By Markoolio

The pure white skin of the GOP
Just got a major sunburn.
The unraveling of Foley’s epidermal
Was a lesson the public learned.

Florida Republican Mark Foley
Came out of the e-mail closet.
Preying upon a 16 year old page
Made the Right-wing reel and pause it.

Foley faked his final position
With the Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus.
Supported by the moral Right-wing
Now having a moral Right-wing raucous.

The contradictions big and small
Came out of the Party of denial.
Those who shed their moral skin
We now see are pedophiles.

Who knew about the alleged crimes
But failed to report them to the DOJ*?
An investigation has been suppressed
In hopes the public’s memory goes away.

But as Republicans shed their seats
And Foley exhibits great concern,
The GOP scratches its head and back
Only to find their party sunburned.

*Department of Justice

Hasdirt Will Travel

Hasdirt Will Travel
(a poem for Dennis Hastert (R) IL
and the Mark Foley pedophile scandal)
By Markoolio

Speaker Dennis Hasdirt
And he’s sitting in front of a fan.
It’s not the fan of loyal friends,
But a fan blowin’ back at the man.

When did he start knowing the facts?
And when did he stop knowin’?
He saw the mud in Foley’s hands.
We see how the Hasdirt’s blowin’.

Like Ralph Kramden caught in a lie
Hasdirt is beginning to erode.
The media fan blowing back the dirt.
Hasdirt may hit the dirt road.

Knowledge of crimes and staying silent
Is like sweeping Hasdirt under the rug.
Will a power vacuum suck up the dirt?
Or will justice be ignored with a shrug?

Reynolds' Rap on Kids

Reynolds' Rap on Kids
(on Tom Reynolds' press
conference with parents and
children present beside
Tom to address the Mark
Foley pedophile scandal)
By Markoolio

From Jerry’s Kids to Reynolds' kids
The shield was wrapped into place.
“Try ‘n ask me about Mark Foley’s sins.
I dare you in this place.”

“So why are all these kids here, sir
As we try to unwrap the scandal?”
They’re here as props so the press can’t ask
How Republicans melt like candles.

Photo-op kids are all the rage
For restoring family ideals.
But the GOP is now eating their own
Listen you can hear them squeal.

It’s a sign of the times for the party of power
As corruption keeps them morally trapped.
What comes next after the mid term elections?
When the contradictions are Reynolds wrapped.

Impeach Pie 2