Saturday, October 21, 2006

Death By a Thousand Cuts

Death By a Thousand Cuts
The Four State Purge
(revealations have emerged by
an insider in the RNC on how
Republicans plan to keep control
of Congress in 2006)
By Mark Lysgaard

Kenneth Mehlmen of the RNC
Had a devious and devastating plan.
To keep Congress in Republican control
And purge Dems for THE MAN.

Ohio would be the first test market
To see how the purge would go down.
College Dems and low income folks
Would be “cleansed” without a sound.

If you moved or do not respond
You may be off the voter rolls.
Come on down for a provisional ballot
So you cast it in an unnamed hole.

The other three states have yet to be named
But you can bet they’ll be battle grounds.
Dirty Tricks by Diebold machines
Flipping votes without a sound.

It’s the death of democracy by a thousand cuts
Like a hemophiliac in a knife store.
The liberal purging of the voter’s blood
Shows the stains on fascist shores.


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