Monday, October 30, 2006

Diebold or Not Diebold

Diebold or NOT Diebold
(On November 7, 2006, 70 million voters may be disenfranchised by voting on privately held electronic voting machines like Diebold with no paper trail, no open source software to verify the legitimacy of the vote and machines that can be easily hacked before, during, and after an election)
By Mark Lysgaard.


Diebold or NOT Diebold,
That is the election to be sold...
Whether butterfly ballots
Or a black box machine,
The outcome of an inside job
Makes a dirty election clean.

Like little Miss Harris
Who can’t be embarrassed
Unless it is a bad make-up job.
When along came an insider;
The Supreme Court decider
Delivered Florida to the Bush mob.

Or Republican boy Blackwell
Whose state he would stack well
With Buckeye bucks for the GOP.
And so this awful GOPfather,
Whose ethics can’t be bothered,
Subverts the people’s will to be free.

So whether you’re in the southeast
Where minorities matter least,
Or some Midwest state,
A black box
Like small pox
May arrive to decide your fate.

Because corrupt computer hackers
And those freedom hi-jackers
Have proven in the recent past,
That slick voting screens
From private machines;
It’s no promise your vote’s been cast.

The corporate supervisors
Like contemptuous insiders
Make Diebold the choice to cast.
To privatize,
It’s no surprise
That democracy can not last.


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