Monday, October 30, 2006

A Dunk in the Water

A Dunk in the Water
(an interview and comments made by
Right-wing talk show host Scott Hennen
and VP Dick Cheney)
By Mark Lysgaard

It wasn’t even a softball question
That Scott Hennen threw the Veep.
But a tee ball question that stood quite still
So Dick could hit it into next week.

Would you agree “that a dunk in the water
Is a no brainer if it can save lives?”
The leading question had the Veep answer,
“It’s a no brainer”, came the reply.

What’s wrong with a dunk in the water
And bobbing for apples at a county fair?
The press can dunk their tee ball questions
In a vat for manure to share.

How about a baptismal dunk
In a holy roller right-wing church?
As long as the minister knows it’s one dunk
And he doesn’t look at all like Lurch.

Is a dunk in the water like a walk in the park,
But the park happens to be under water?
Waterboarding is the way to get there
Have victims for torture or slaughter.

Even the agency of central interrogators
Know that torture is a moral disgrace.
Perhaps if Dick got a dunk of his own
It’d be more than just a slap in the face.


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