Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hasdirt Will Travel

Hasdirt Will Travel
(a poem for Dennis Hastert (R) IL
and the Mark Foley pedophile scandal)
By Markoolio

Speaker Dennis Hasdirt
And he’s sitting in front of a fan.
It’s not the fan of loyal friends,
But a fan blowin’ back at the man.

When did he start knowing the facts?
And when did he stop knowin’?
He saw the mud in Foley’s hands.
We see how the Hasdirt’s blowin’.

Like Ralph Kramden caught in a lie
Hasdirt is beginning to erode.
The media fan blowing back the dirt.
Hasdirt may hit the dirt road.

Knowledge of crimes and staying silent
Is like sweeping Hasdirt under the rug.
Will a power vacuum suck up the dirt?
Or will justice be ignored with a shrug?


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