Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mark Ex-Foliated

Mark Ex-Foliated
(a poem of the Mark Foley scandal
Who preyed upon a 16 year old page
by e-mail and the GOP attempt
to cover up an investigation)
By Markoolio

The pure white skin of the GOP
Just got a major sunburn.
The unraveling of Foley’s epidermal
Was a lesson the public learned.

Florida Republican Mark Foley
Came out of the e-mail closet.
Preying upon a 16 year old page
Made the Right-wing reel and pause it.

Foley faked his final position
With the Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus.
Supported by the moral Right-wing
Now having a moral Right-wing raucous.

The contradictions big and small
Came out of the Party of denial.
Those who shed their moral skin
We now see are pedophiles.

Who knew about the alleged crimes
But failed to report them to the DOJ*?
An investigation has been suppressed
In hopes the public’s memory goes away.

But as Republicans shed their seats
And Foley exhibits great concern,
The GOP scratches its head and back
Only to find their party sunburned.

*Department of Justice


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