Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Gut Tells Me...

My Gut Tells Me…
(A classic Bushism is the president using his ubiquitous “gut” to rely on advice for his extremely bad judgements like invading a country that never attacked us. Columnist Thomas Friedman suggests that the Iraqi conflict can be compared to Vietnam after the Tet offensive. Bush oddly enough concurs this possibility in his interview with George Stephanopolous.)
By Mark Lysgaard

I think I saw Bush bow his head
And mumble I’m not sure what.
Was he praying to the Lord?
Or listening to his grumbling gut?

“Ladies and gentlemen my gut tells me
As my closest inside advisor
That we must hunger for victory”
Said the gut from the Great Decider.

My gut tells me the enemy’s strong
And they hate what we stand for…
They want to kill our appetite
As we thirst for foreign shores.

My gut tells me it may be like
Vietnam as Thomas Friedman suggests.
My gut asks me, “Why did I swallow?”
Food poisoning to be in this mess.

My gut tells me that history for me
Will be a benevolent flowing cup.
But those who thirst for the truth this time
May be excused if they first throw up.


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