Thursday, October 12, 2006

Reynolds' Rap on Kids

Reynolds' Rap on Kids
(on Tom Reynolds' press
conference with parents and
children present beside
Tom to address the Mark
Foley pedophile scandal)
By Markoolio

From Jerry’s Kids to Reynolds' kids
The shield was wrapped into place.
“Try ‘n ask me about Mark Foley’s sins.
I dare you in this place.”

“So why are all these kids here, sir
As we try to unwrap the scandal?”
They’re here as props so the press can’t ask
How Republicans melt like candles.

Photo-op kids are all the rage
For restoring family ideals.
But the GOP is now eating their own
Listen you can hear them squeal.

It’s a sign of the times for the party of power
As corruption keeps them morally trapped.
What comes next after the mid term elections?
When the contradictions are Reynolds wrapped.


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