Friday, October 27, 2006

The RNC Pulls the Corker

The RNC Pulls the Corker
(the Tennessee race for US congress has created controversy with the racist TV ads by the GOP to attack Harold Ford, an African American democratic challenger by showing him as a womanizer with a white woman from a Playboy party the year before in Florida. The Republican challenger Bob Corker has tried to distance himself from the racist ads that also feature the sound of African drums)
By Mark Lysgaard

Bob Corker and the RNC
Were desperate for pulling straws.
The straw polls showed Bob’s ratings suck;
Time to uncork some Jim Crow laws.

The smear campaign against Harold Ford
Spilled on Tennessee’s racist TVs.
Like Willy Horton and other race ads,
They played fear for the GOP.

Do we want this young Black man
Dating our white women, oh so blonde?
African drums beat strong in the ad.
Enraged the likes of Julian Bond.

But Kenneth Mehlmen in his closet of tricks
Denied the accusations.
There’s nothing wrong with our racist ads
To inspire our racist nation.

We’ll volunteer our strength and pride
Like our county fair’s finest pork.
Unless of course Harold Ford should win
And Bob Corker comes uncorked.


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