Friday, October 27, 2006

The Sound Bite Clown Strikes Again...

The Sound Bite Clown Strikes Again…
(a poem for Rush Limbaugh’s recent disgraceful
remarks about Michael J. Fox and Fox’s support
for stem cell research)
By Mark Lysdgaard

The sound bite clown from his sunshine station
Sat back to broadcast his lies.
The talking points from the RNC
Came down with a hideous disguise.

“Michael J. Fox is just an actor.”
His convulsions are “shameful and staged.”
He’s acting for those Liberal Democrats
It’s a war that he seeks to wage.

Parkinsons is not a real disease
And neither is that thing called Cancer.
And the Truth is just a toxic by-product
My psychosis knows the real answers.

So let’s keep the Fox out of the news,
Unless of course it’s FOX –TV.
“Stem cell research is about killing babies,”
Says the far Right RNC.


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