Thursday, October 26, 2006

Stay the Course??

Stay the Course??
(President Bush, Tony Snow, and Dan Bartlett,
all Bush apologist are now setting out the meme
that “Stay the Course” was never the policy
pitch phrase for Iraq. Smart people beg to differ…)
By Mark Lysgaard

There must be a problem with the public’s hearing;
They must be hallucinating.
We never said we should “stay the course.”
That’s not what we’re debating.

What could the public have possibly heard?
Maybe the phrase was “pay the source”?
Or sometimes when I watch Mr. Ed,
I’ll say, “Go ahead an spay the horse!”

Maybe it was something completely different;
Putin ask me to “Stay for borscht”
Or maybe they thought I was Obi Wan
Who always said, “Obey the force.”

The public should really get a hearing test
So they don’t misunderstand my discourse.
When it comes to occupying the country Iraq,
Things could always get a whole lot worse.


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