Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bi-Partisan Cheese (Bush Acceptance Speech)

Bi-Partisan Cheese
By Mark Lysgaard

I had to buy bi-partisan cheese
Now the Dems hold the mighty purse strings.
I don’t mind holding my Crawford nose
As I eat with the Liberal Left-wing.

This Bi-partisan cheese is very new
And it tastes real bitter and sour.
It doesn’t taste like my Royal Blue Cheese
That I ate each despotic hour.

Can’t I have bi-partisan cheese
With southern crackers and signing notes?
What’s that ya say ‘bout bi-partisan cheese?
It won’t allow me to sit and gloat.

Why can’t I have my bi-partisan cheese
With a glass of Autocratic whine?
It’s a whine I made from sour grapes
After losing the congress this time.

Some people like sharp cheddar cheese
On their desserts like apple pie.
Do I really need bi-partisan cheese
Sprinkled on my buffet of lies.

I will eat the Bi-partisan cheese
As long as it’s not fed to a grand jury.
But please don’t make me eat my words.
Impeach pie should be forgotten in a hurry.


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