Friday, November 03, 2006

Careless Kerry

Careless Kerry
(John Kerry’s ineptness at telling a joke about George Bush’s intellectual laziness is deceitfully spun into an assault against the troops by the Right-wing media. Kerry should have known better)
By Mark Lysgaard

Careless Kerry on the stump
Afflicted with foot in mouth.
The joke he told of Clueless George
Saw his joke go pretty far south.

The joke was written and ready to slam
Clueless George on his lazy intellect.
But Bush and Snow and FOX -TV
Spun the joke like the usual suspects.

“Senator Kerry should apologize
For bashing our very troops.
They’re plenty smart to serve in Iraq,”
Said Bush while eating Fruit Loops.

Perhaps Bush should also apologize
For lying us into an illegal war,
Or maybe express his sorrowfulness
For our troops who die by the score.

Maybe Bush should say he’s sorry
For eavesdropping on Americans.
Or express his regrets for breaking the law
That he does again and again.

But as for Kerry explaining a joke
And sounding like an erudite clod.
The jokes should be left for Jon Stewart
So Kerry won’t quit his day job.


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