Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Daddy Dearest

Daddy Dearest
(After lying to the press about keeping Rumsfeld till the end of his administration, little boy W. calls daddy Bush 41 to take over the selection of Defense Secretary)
By Mark Lysgaard

He was the little boy who cried, “Wolfowicz”
To build an illegal war.
Now he’s crying for daddy dearest
Since Rummy was kicked out the door.

Poppy Doc Bush in his neo-con crew
Gave the little boy a helping hand.
James Baker said, “Put Robert Gates in charge…
He’s not military, but he might have a plan.”

Gates served under Iran/Contra Casey
As a Central Intelligence analyst.
Just as Reagan funded the Moesha Hadean
And the Soviets gave in to paralysis.

The Moesha Hadean grew with our help
With the leadership of Osama bin Laden,
New roots morphed to form Al Qaeda.
How quickly America’s forgotten.

So will Gates swings through the Senate hearings
As one of the architects of our enemy?
Will more boogey men likely appear
For our military hegemony?


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