Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Five Fifteen

The Five Fifteen
By Mark Lysgaard

The five fifteen is the time it takes
For some to run a pretty quick mile.
The five fifteen is an area code
In Iowa if I need to dial.

The five fifteen was the name of a train
That ran in the distant past.
Will five fifteen be the price per gallon
Of liquid gold we call gas?

Five fifteen is the interest rate
On federal education loans.
The five fifteen was a flight I took
From DC to go back home.

But five fifteen is still the minimum wage
For the ten long years it sat.
Shouldn’t five fifteen be called eight dollars;
Moving forward instead of looking back?

Five fifteen should be an old wage
We remember from the past.
Raising five fifteen to help the working poor
Will only help grow the middle class.


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