Monday, November 27, 2006

Forty Six Million Americans

Forty-Six Million Americans
By Mark Lysgaard

Forty six million Americans pray
They won’t get sick or deathly ill.
A handful of private insurers say
We have profits we need to fill.

Forty six million Americans expect
There’ll be a change for the common good.
A new congress will hopefully detect
There really is no corporate personhood.

Forty six million Americans are
Mostly kids we won’t ever see.
Homeless and hopeless living in cars
Is this really the land of the free?

CEO William McGuire last year
With United Healthcare Inc
Made 1.78 billion dollars, do you hear?
In a salary, kinda makes ya think.

That 1.78 billion could be used
To help insure those with the least.
Instead of a system set to abuse
And feeding the corporate beast.

So what about the 46 million Americans
Who prey they won’t get deathly ill?
Will Congress have to start over again?
Do we the people have the new will?


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