Friday, November 17, 2006

Glenn Beck's Train Wreck

Glenn Beck’s Train Wreck
(CNN Right-wing talk show host, Glenn Beck’s interview with newly elected Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison, a proud American and Muslim. Beck plays the fear by association card when asking Ellison to prove that Ellison is not working with the enemy. Unbelievable!)
By Mark Lysgaard

There’s a new talk show conductor
On the CNN Republican train.
His name’s Glenn Beck;
Here comes the train wreck
Of racist steam for Republican shame.

Tell me congressman, as a Muslim
“Prove to me you’re not working with the enemy!”
This Beck xenophobe
Verbally disrobed
His fear and loathing for American hegemony.

The terror train picked up steam
Fueling fright like those HUAC* hearings.
Prove something you’re not
Is a foolish cheap shot;
Proving a negative is hardly endearing.

But Keith Ellison responded in kind
His love of this patriotic nation.
Not having to prove
His Muslim roots
Or feeling guilty by association.

Should conductor Beck have to prove
That he’s not working with Christian extremists?
That blow up women’s clinic
Like Army of God cynics.
Maybe Beck should be on a terror watch list.

It’s the Right-wing train of thought
On the Neo-Con track to dead ends.
Using negative conclusions
For Right-wing confusion
This train wreck keeps happening again.


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