Friday, November 03, 2006

He's Number One!!

He’s Number One
(a school bus driver in Seattle stops at an intersection as the Bush motorcade notices the bus driver saluting the president with one finger raised)
By Mark Lysgaard

A school bus driver en route through Seattle
Was stopped at the president’s motorcade.
Instead of waving
Like others behaving
She saluted with a point to be made.

With one finger raised so firm and proud,
She saluted Bush in his limousine.
He’s number one
For all he’s done
Destroying the American Dream.

He’s number one in starting a war
And number one in running up debts.
He’s number one
In Washington
For corruption lest we forget.

But the school bus driver had a price to pay
For the freedom she thought she owned.
Her finger salute
Gave her the boot.
After Bush got off the phone.


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