Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lend Me Your Earmarks

Lend Me Your Earmarks…
(Thanks to Tax Payers for Common Sense)
By Mark Lysgaard

Like Billy Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
We’ll see how the new congress spends.
Will Nancy Pelosi like Marc Anthony
Challenge those special interest friends?

Legislators, Americans and lobbyists;
Lend me your earmarks…
Will she bury Bush and his illegal wars;
Closing the purse strings for the sharks?

Corporate sharks that circle the pork
Like Ted Steven’s Bridge to No Where.
Two hundred million taxes gone
For an island of fifty to share.

Fifty into two hundred million
Is four million dollars a piece.
Who are the fifty who are worth that much?
Why are our taxes funding their feast?

Democratic Daniel Inouye
Is the Senate Defense Appropriation’s boss?
Hawaii received the second highest pork
Say Aloha to all our tax dollars lost

Will Nancy Pelosi like Marc Anthony
Hold both parties to the pork barrel fire?
Will the tax earmarks be scrutinized
So lawmakers will no longer conspire?


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