Friday, November 03, 2006

No Bid Election (Just a thought)

No Bid Election (Just a thought)
By Mark Lysgaard

In the land of the free and home of the brave
In the country that prides itself on choice.
Three elections have been visibly stolen
To silence we the people’s voice.

No bid election in 2000;
Decided by the Court of Supremes.
No bid election in ’02;
Stolen through dirty trick schemes.

No bid election in ’04;
Decided by black box machines.
Not to mention really long lines;
Subverted the American dream.

No bid elections in ’06;
For the chance to take back Congress.
Will the No bid Cons be sent back home?
Will the people finally have redress?

Perhaps the problem with the no bid elections
Is that we have just two parties to choose.
Perhaps the Dems should change their party name
To the Republican Party so they can not lose.

It’s the perfect way to give Karl Rove
An aneurism to figure out how to steal.
When the whole country looks entirely red
Progressive candidates will show who’s real.

Imagine an election where the people vote
On the issues instead of party lines.
Progressive candidates have the best shot at
Staying in power for a pretty long time.

It’s the perfect coup without the violence
To keep the corporations in check.
When we the people become educated;
Progressive candidates we’d elect.

So here’s to the Republican Party in charge;
Ready and ripe for mass infiltration.
The former Dems could have the ultimate job
For the people’s real education.


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