Saturday, November 04, 2006

No Exit for Exit Polls

No Exit for Exit Polls
By Mark Lysgaard

I thought I saw Sartre beginning to spin
In his French No Exit tomb.
That American networks refuse to announce
Exit polls as voters left the room.

In a free and fair election
A democratic landslide should ensue.
But the purveyors of the corporate press
Won’t give the voters a clue.

Exit polls in two thousand
Were accurate within one per cent.
Exit polls in ‘04
Showed Kerry as president.

So why won’t Tom Brokaw
Announce the Exit polls?
The purveyors of corporate media
Have corporate candidate goals.

Once again a corporate coup
Will rely on the voter machines.
That may keep Republicans in control
As our votes are wiped dry-cleaned.

It’s the No exit for exit polls
As the voter’s voice matters the least.
It’s a dead end for democracy
And feeding the corporate beast.


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