Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pen Cell Research

Pen Cell Research
(Rep John Conyers [D] Michigan has the awesome opportunity on the House Judiciary Committee to call witnesses and subpoena testimony on the crimes committed by the Bush administration. Go John Go!! And Have a Happy Thanksgiving!)
By Mark Lysgaard

There’s a smart analyst in the House Judiciary
And he could bring the whole House down.
He’s an analyst
With a laundry list
Of information that was previously bound.

Some people say that impeachment is off the table
But it appears to have fallen on the floor.
To investigate
Before it’s too late
And find who may be kicked out the door.

But Mr. Conyers with subpoenas to send
May get testimony like a choir in church.
From reactionaries
Who may sing like canaries
That will aid the Pen Cell Research.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword
But this pen keeps the criminals inside.
The Pen Cell Research
Are for crimes that perch
High above the impeachment guide.

Pen Cell Research is the science of justice
Where the law is anything but vague.
To measure the pen
It could be five by ten.
If Bush and Cheney ever make it to The Hague.


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