Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Proselytute or Man of the Loin Cloth

The Proselytute or Man of the Loin Cloth
(The Rev. Ted Haggard gay prostitute meth solicitation poem.

It doesn’t get much better this!!)
By Mark Lysgaard

Like Moses parting the deep red sea
And getting the chosen people across,
Ted Haggard parted the morality gap
As the Religious- Right got lost.

Thirty million bewildered sheep
Wandered confused for a religious guide.
Ted Haggard left the secret closet
Be careful what you find inside.

Like a gay prostitute with meth for sale
You won’t find him in the yellow pages.
But just don’t look in Ted’s Blackberry
You might find evidence in various stages.

How could Ted with a direct phone line
To the White House for his faith based cause,
Be snorting meth with a gay prostitute
As he claims to obey God’s laws?

Proselytizing against same sex marriage,
But a same sex “massage” is OK.
As long as the closet has a gay prostitute
To prove that you’re not really gay.

It’s the ultimate icing on the election cake
As the sheep have been sheered and duped.
Christmas is getting here a lot earlier
Thanks to this preaching proselytute.


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