Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ranks A Lott

Ranks A Lott
(A poem for Trent Lott [R] Mississippi, the new House minority Leader)
By Mark Lysgaard

He was the Lott heard round the world,
Defending Strom Thurmond’s past.
Just good ole boys
Out to destroy
Civil Rights or at least harass.

The minority cast stood up for a vote
And Gordon Smith defended the Lott.
It’s his Lott in life
For racial strife.
We could learn by the hate he’s taught.

Just like a case of Montezuma’s Revenge
Trent Lott has a habit of giving.
As Minority Whip
With no reality grip
That’s one way to make a living.

So as the Republicans continue to exist
In a world of public relations disasters.
Minority whip Lott
Will give what he’s got
But this time he’s not the real master.


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