Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Robocalls and Push Polls

RoboCalls & Push Polls
By Mark Lysgaard

There’s no such thing as clean campaigning
From the party of elephant turds.
A computer database
And a phone interface
Dials millions with misleading words.

It’s robocalls to many Dem voters
By the GOP in a dirty disguise.
It’s past Halloween
For this dirty scheme,
But the mask helps protect the lies.

Twenty automated calls per voter
From midnight to six in the morn.
To suppress the vote
For a Dem scapegoat
The GOP calls like cynics with scorn.

Would you vote for this Democrat
If he was a pedophile and heroin user?
These push poll calls
Hope the Dems fall
And avoid the polls like self hating losers.

But the avalanche wins have already started
As the Dems see through the trap.
In it’s infamy
Will lose the House by giant gaps.


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