Monday, November 06, 2006

Saddam's Gone While Rumsfailed

Saddam’s Gone While Rumsfailed
By Mark Lysgaard

The verdict came down in the court
Right before our mid term elections.
Saddam will be gone
For Bush’s swan song,
But Rumsfailed keeps facing rejection.

The Armed Forces Newspaper said
The Don of Defense must resign.
There’s no belief
That troop relief
Will improve in Rumsfailed’s time.

But Saddam is gone, let’s celebrate
Came the talking points from the press.
As Bush campaigned
In the Midwest plains
Let’s not talk about Rumsfailed’s mess.

Saddam is evil and deserves what he gets
For killing his critics and Baath renegades.
But didn’t Saddam
Meet with the Don
To purchase weapons that were American made.

The right-wing press is like a power vacuum
Sucking up facts that the Right-wing assailed.
Because American history
Is tied to the misery
Of Iraq as Donald will forever Rumsfailed.


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