Thursday, November 02, 2006

Three New States

Three New States
By Mark Lysgaard

There are three new states that have been added
To the union for Republican control.
They’re not like Texas
With all its hexes.
But states to keep Congress they stole.

The three new states like three blind mice
Are running with smear campaigns.
It’s the kind of stuff
We’ve heard enough
Where the voters have utter disdain.

The first new state is the state of Confusion
Where corruption like an earthquake shook.
The fissures in the House
Saw their polls run south
Running from Bush like liars and crooks.

The second new state is the state of Denial
Where everything is rosy and sweet.
Like a deaf vacation
With no obligation
To import reality instead of deceit.

The third new state is the state of Failure.
It's a failed state for all to see.
Like three three blind mice
They may try to vote twice.
But still blind to our democracy.


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