Friday, December 22, 2006

The War On Christmas

The War on Christmas
By Mark Lysgaard

Katherine DeBrech and Bill O’Reilly
Are rallying their bugle horns.
Dennis Pregger and Sean Hannity
Look at Liberals with scorn.

Limbaugh rally’s the lunatic fringe
Coulter lashes Liberal agitators.
How dare they say “Happy Holidays.”
Even baby Jesus calls Liberals traitors.

The Liberals want to take away
The right to say, “Merry Christmas!”
They want to add “Merry Kwanza!”
And “Happy Hanukah” on their wishlist.

They want to bomb Santa Claus
Back to the great North Pole.
They even want the Easter Bunny
To go back in his Easter hole.

It’s a war against religious freedom
And symbolic icons they adore.
It’s their struggle against reality.
Pay no attention to the Iraq war.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

King Midas' Antithetical Brother

King Midas’ Antithetical Brother
By Mark Lysgaard

If King Midas had a twin brother,
But everything he did was wrong,
Should we, could we replace the king
Who is inept as the day is long?

Wrong about everything he says
About policies domestic or foreign.
Who does this King really work for?
Why does our debt keep soarin’?

King Midas was stable and loved by everyone
And as the king he respected the law.
His benevolence gave to those with the least
His morality had little flaws.

King Midas could turn things to gold
With the touch of his fingers and wit.
Unlike his antithetical brother’s touch
That turned everything to waste.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Home Despot

Home Despot
By Mark Lysgaard

In the past six years we’ve seen the rise
Of a chain store he likes to sell.
A store with chains
And cell door stains.
It’s a shop where democracy fell.

It doesn’t have “Do-it-yourself” home kits
This company store will “Do-it-to-you.”
It’s the kind of shop
Pulling out the stops.
They’re the screwdriver and you’re the screw.

From cold refrigerator doors that shut
Out our rights from the constitution.
To ovens that grill
With torturous skill.
No legal rights, no hope for solution.

The greeting geek with crooked smile
Welcomes all who pass through and enters
Especially those
Who are his foes
He labels as un-American dissenters.

But a boycott’s on by the people already
To find relief and complete respite.
And the smiling geek
With torture techniques
May be gone as will his Home Despot.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Nuclear Bush and the Nuclear Indians

The Nuclear Cowboy and the Nuclear Indians
By Mark Lysgaard

Like Columbus thinking he discovered India
Bush thinks he’s discovered a friend.
The nuclear industry of emerging India
Shows Bush bending backwards again.

For thirty years the United States
Opposed the Indian government’s derision
Who developed nuclear weapons against
The non-proliferation decisions.

So now Bush and Congress in their last ditch effort
Will open deals for trans-national contractors
Like UniStar, AREVA and ABB*
Remember Rumsfeld’s their benefactor.

Precarious times shift in the wind
As India’s neighbors shift in the sand.
How could the US tilt the powers this way?
Comes the question from Pakistan.

The neo-cons like Bush and his buddies
Profess its not about countries or borders.
It’s about multi-nationals making billions of dollars
For their stockholders the very next quarter.

The largest economies of global scale
Are not countries in the traditional sense
But multi-national’s who undermine
The world’s security at the people’s expense.

*ABB a European engineering giant based in Zurich, specializing in nuclear reactor technolory. Mr Rumsfeld was a non-executive director of ABB who sold nuclear reactors to North Korea before joining the Bush cabinet.

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Meme Streets

The Meme Streets
By Mark Lysgaard

There’s a branding street
That looks to compete
Against the road that leads to reality.
The branding street
Where the war chest beats
Drown out the news of our casualties.

The president today
Said that come what may
He’d be on a listening tour for advice.
The Iraq Study Regroup
Packed up and recouped
And begged the president to first listen twice.

We can not rush things
Before the fat lady sings
Reasoned the president on the meme street
I’ll ask Robert Gates,
But first I’ll wait
When he’s sworn in the next couple of weeks.

The meme streets channel
The corporate news babble
Giving the president another free pass.
And the passing lanes
Help Bush reframe
It’s about freedom and not energy or gas.

The meme streets twist
They turn and persist
While the road to reality is where we belong.
But the president’s stuck
Like a crippled lame duck
And keeps repeating the same meme street song.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Ins and Outs

The Ins and Outs
By Mark Lysgaard

Inside the outgoing insolent party
Where the incumbents were infighting
The inept, inane, and ineffectual clowns
Insist the insatiable were all inviting.

But this insatiable income party
Were outmaneuvered and outdone
By the outspent and outspoken Democrats
Who outsmarted the outing ones.

Outside the norm, but inside the outer limits
We’ll remember their outrageous outcries,
“If the Dems win so will the insurgents!”
Inundated with indefensible lies.

But the incoming Democratic Party
Should insist on intrinsic investigations,
That incompetence by an incredible out House
Be outlawed by outstanding legislation.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Get the Lead In

Get the Lead In
(Before the 109th congress exits, the oil, coal, and battery industry lobby have been pressuring Bush and the EPA to do away with the minimal standards already implemented for toxic lead emissions in the environment)
By Mark Lysgaard

A new expression has emerged
By Bush and the EPA
“Get the lead in” is the new sound bite
Hoping the rules will go away.

Neurotoxins from lead waste
Have risen in the past five years.
Millions of children and women sick
Drinking water that’s not too clear.

The EPA with its industry lackeys
Who profess to protect you and me
Would rather save millions of dollars than clean
The lead toxins from big factories.

But the oil and coal and battery companies
In order to clean up their mess
Have to install better scrubbers and filters
Cutting into their treasure chest.

It’s profits before people in the land where they flee
From the motives of those at the top
As Bush lowers the standards and raises the risks
“Get the Lead in” is what needs to stop.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Butcher, James Baker, The Study Group Makers

The Butcher, James Baker, the Study Group Makers
By Mark Lysgaard

It finally took an independent study
To force the Butcher’s hand.
Things aren’t really working in Iraq
We should have another plan.

The Butcher who cut up Iraq’s infrastructure
Said, “OK, but let’s not cut and run.”
The Baker said, “OK Georgie, m’boy”
And “We’ll redeploy,” said Lee Hamilton.

“There is no magic bullet,” said Baker
“We do not recommend stay the course.”
That catch phrase is no longer catching
We need the international force.

Like Syria and Iran, remember the axis of evil?
Perhaps they’re not so bad after all.
Unless the Butcher and Baker and Study Group makers
See chaos as the ultimate call.

Chaos distracts the public’s attention
From the loss of liberty in the US.
Chaos allows billions of dollars to made
For the military industrial war chest.

So the Butcher, the Baker, and the Study Group Makers
Clean up the Butcher’s political fate.
Like Three Blind Mice running for the future.
For Republican lemmings in ‘ 08.