Saturday, December 09, 2006

Get the Lead In

Get the Lead In
(Before the 109th congress exits, the oil, coal, and battery industry lobby have been pressuring Bush and the EPA to do away with the minimal standards already implemented for toxic lead emissions in the environment)
By Mark Lysgaard

A new expression has emerged
By Bush and the EPA
“Get the lead in” is the new sound bite
Hoping the rules will go away.

Neurotoxins from lead waste
Have risen in the past five years.
Millions of children and women sick
Drinking water that’s not too clear.

The EPA with its industry lackeys
Who profess to protect you and me
Would rather save millions of dollars than clean
The lead toxins from big factories.

But the oil and coal and battery companies
In order to clean up their mess
Have to install better scrubbers and filters
Cutting into their treasure chest.

It’s profits before people in the land where they flee
From the motives of those at the top
As Bush lowers the standards and raises the risks
“Get the Lead in” is what needs to stop.


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