Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Home Despot

Home Despot
By Mark Lysgaard

In the past six years we’ve seen the rise
Of a chain store he likes to sell.
A store with chains
And cell door stains.
It’s a shop where democracy fell.

It doesn’t have “Do-it-yourself” home kits
This company store will “Do-it-to-you.”
It’s the kind of shop
Pulling out the stops.
They’re the screwdriver and you’re the screw.

From cold refrigerator doors that shut
Out our rights from the constitution.
To ovens that grill
With torturous skill.
No legal rights, no hope for solution.

The greeting geek with crooked smile
Welcomes all who pass through and enters
Especially those
Who are his foes
He labels as un-American dissenters.

But a boycott’s on by the people already
To find relief and complete respite.
And the smiling geek
With torture techniques
May be gone as will his Home Despot.


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