Friday, December 15, 2006

The Meme Streets

The Meme Streets
By Mark Lysgaard

There’s a branding street
That looks to compete
Against the road that leads to reality.
The branding street
Where the war chest beats
Drown out the news of our casualties.

The president today
Said that come what may
He’d be on a listening tour for advice.
The Iraq Study Regroup
Packed up and recouped
And begged the president to first listen twice.

We can not rush things
Before the fat lady sings
Reasoned the president on the meme street
I’ll ask Robert Gates,
But first I’ll wait
When he’s sworn in the next couple of weeks.

The meme streets channel
The corporate news babble
Giving the president another free pass.
And the passing lanes
Help Bush reframe
It’s about freedom and not energy or gas.

The meme streets twist
They turn and persist
While the road to reality is where we belong.
But the president’s stuck
Like a crippled lame duck
And keeps repeating the same meme street song.


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