Friday, December 22, 2006

The War On Christmas

The War on Christmas
By Mark Lysgaard

Katherine DeBrech and Bill O’Reilly
Are rallying their bugle horns.
Dennis Pregger and Sean Hannity
Look at Liberals with scorn.

Limbaugh rally’s the lunatic fringe
Coulter lashes Liberal agitators.
How dare they say “Happy Holidays.”
Even baby Jesus calls Liberals traitors.

The Liberals want to take away
The right to say, “Merry Christmas!”
They want to add “Merry Kwanza!”
And “Happy Hanukah” on their wishlist.

They want to bomb Santa Claus
Back to the great North Pole.
They even want the Easter Bunny
To go back in his Easter hole.

It’s a war against religious freedom
And symbolic icons they adore.
It’s their struggle against reality.
Pay no attention to the Iraq war.


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