Friday, January 26, 2007

The Suits

The Suits
(The ACLU is filing suits against the Federal government against illegal domestic spying without warrants. The government argues that the evidence is so sensitve it can not even be shown to the plaintiffs)
By Mark Lysgaard

There is Armani and Gucci
And other designer suits.
There is off the rack and on the floor
And some are worn with boots.

But the suits that are getting most of the press
Are those that are found in court.
They’re filed by those civil suits
And clerks that need to sort.

The suits we’re talking are invisible suits
Worn by the government unseen.
They’re suits against domestic spying
Where the public is dry cleaned.

The Justice department says the suits
Must be invisible without a fuss.
Except for those who may be indicted
In the department they call Just us.

So as the fabric is fabricated
And secrecy is spun in the press.
Will the judges see through the gov?
Or keep the people fully undressed??

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The State of Denial Address

The State of Denial Address
By Mark Lysgaard

It didn’t really take a genius
To adequately predict,
That the president of the last six years
Would appear so morally sick.

The sickness that engulfs a person
To ignore his previous mistakes,
Or blaming them on other people
As he swims in denial’s wake.

No mention about Katrina
And the mistakes that he made.
No declaration of our veterans
And the fact they’re underpaid.

It’s all about the Bush meat grinder
And sending more troops to Iraq.
Once again he won’t face the truth,
But he’d rather just turn his back.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Firing of Federal Prosecutors

The Firing of Federal Prosecutors
(Bush fired or “forced out” a number of Federal prosecutors who did not tow the Bush line. These former Federal prosecutors and may have done there jobs in investigating Federal crimes.)
By Mark Lysgaard

There’s a fire that could be drawing near
Closer to the Bush White House.
The fires illuminate the Bush war crimes
Like an elephant afraid of a mouse.

The fire consumes all it attracts
Like Duke Cunningham and others near
The fires are the Federal prosecutors
Going after crime far and near.

But Bush has decided the fires are too close
And his house is getting mighty warm.
It’s time to fire the federal prosecutors
Before theirs a full fire storm.

So Bush fires the Federal prosecutors
And hires those who think like he does.
But the crimes of Bush and his close friends
Will be burned right through their cheap gloves.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Unknown General

The Unknown General
By Mark Lysgaard

From General Clark to General Casey
The generals are leaving en mass,
But leaving Iraq is not an option
Said Bush covering his morass.

We’re changing strategy like musical chairs;
New generals surge through revolving doors.
Now it's General Petreaus and General Pace
For GE and other military industrial whores.

But eight out of ten Five star generals
Who wrote back in November,
The fiasco in Iraq should be viewed
As a policy to be dismembered.

It’s generally considered a failure at best
And criminal like those of the Third Reich.
Perhaps our ground troops should talk to the general
The one known as General Strike.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Going Postal Gone Wild

Going Postal Gone Wild
(The president’s latest signing statement to the Postal Reform bill gives him the authority to open anyone’s mail over “exigent circumstances”)
By Mark Lysgaard

It’s beyond Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange
When the Postman Always Rang Twice.
But the Bushman’s signing notes on bills
Would make the founders think of VICE.

Vice against our Constitution
By opening and reading our mail.
Isn’t opening our letters a felony
Punishable by doing time in jail?

And what exactly is “exigent”?
And the circumstances that it entails?
Could it be that the letters he opens
Remind us how democracy fails.

But again the pres is above the law
Drunk on power with all he consumes.
Will the Dems be the good bartenders
Cutting him off in the Senate saloon.

Will Pelosi be the ultimate check
Serving subpoenas like the finest bartender.
Perhaps the notes that the Bushman signs
Will now be returned to sender.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Special K

The Special “K”
By Mark Lysgaard

The president announced today
That in order to quell the violence,
He has to send some twenty “K”
He said amidst shock and silence.

He must be talking about the cereal
He takes when he wakes in the morn.
Or perhaps he means the twenty strikes
When a Cy Young pitcher’s born.

Or maybe he means he likes to run
His very own twenty “K”
Running farther away from the truth
So that justice may fade away.

Could it be the twenty "K"
Are almost seven in the Ku Klux Klan?
Does he know that the Special “K”
Means more KILLING without a plan?