Monday, January 22, 2007

The Firing of Federal Prosecutors

The Firing of Federal Prosecutors
(Bush fired or “forced out” a number of Federal prosecutors who did not tow the Bush line. These former Federal prosecutors and may have done there jobs in investigating Federal crimes.)
By Mark Lysgaard

There’s a fire that could be drawing near
Closer to the Bush White House.
The fires illuminate the Bush war crimes
Like an elephant afraid of a mouse.

The fire consumes all it attracts
Like Duke Cunningham and others near
The fires are the Federal prosecutors
Going after crime far and near.

But Bush has decided the fires are too close
And his house is getting mighty warm.
It’s time to fire the federal prosecutors
Before theirs a full fire storm.

So Bush fires the Federal prosecutors
And hires those who think like he does.
But the crimes of Bush and his close friends
Will be burned right through their cheap gloves.


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