Friday, January 05, 2007

Going Postal Gone Wild

Going Postal Gone Wild
(The president’s latest signing statement to the Postal Reform bill gives him the authority to open anyone’s mail over “exigent circumstances”)
By Mark Lysgaard

It’s beyond Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange
When the Postman Always Rang Twice.
But the Bushman’s signing notes on bills
Would make the founders think of VICE.

Vice against our Constitution
By opening and reading our mail.
Isn’t opening our letters a felony
Punishable by doing time in jail?

And what exactly is “exigent”?
And the circumstances that it entails?
Could it be that the letters he opens
Remind us how democracy fails.

But again the pres is above the law
Drunk on power with all he consumes.
Will the Dems be the good bartenders
Cutting him off in the Senate saloon.

Will Pelosi be the ultimate check
Serving subpoenas like the finest bartender.
Perhaps the notes that the Bushman signs
Will now be returned to sender.


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