Friday, January 26, 2007

The Suits

The Suits
(The ACLU is filing suits against the Federal government against illegal domestic spying without warrants. The government argues that the evidence is so sensitve it can not even be shown to the plaintiffs)
By Mark Lysgaard

There is Armani and Gucci
And other designer suits.
There is off the rack and on the floor
And some are worn with boots.

But the suits that are getting most of the press
Are those that are found in court.
They’re filed by those civil suits
And clerks that need to sort.

The suits we’re talking are invisible suits
Worn by the government unseen.
They’re suits against domestic spying
Where the public is dry cleaned.

The Justice department says the suits
Must be invisible without a fuss.
Except for those who may be indicted
In the department they call Just us.

So as the fabric is fabricated
And secrecy is spun in the press.
Will the judges see through the gov?
Or keep the people fully undressed??


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