Monday, February 26, 2007

Sharing With Sunnis

Sharing With Sunnis
(Revelations have surface from Cy Hirsh’s article that covert funds of American tax dollars have been used by the Bush administration to fund Sunni extremists against Hezbollah, but those Sunni extremists also fund Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda)
By Mark Lysgaard

From “I Got You Babe” to “I Shot You Babe”
The song keeps getting more perverse.
Those IEDs that keep destroying our troops
Come right from our tax payer’s purse.

Funding Sunnis for the Saudis
To destabilize the Middle East.
But isn’t the Iraqi government Shia?
Is it our policy to know the least?

Don’t ask questions about funding Sunnis!
Paul Bremer is not authorized to answer.
Our tax dollars that are killing our troops
Go to Al Qaeda and other cancers.

Remember the eight billion that disappeared
That could’ve been seen from outer space?
Unmarked bills under Bremer’s watch
Tax dollars gone without a trace.

Will the song remain the same;
Behind the shadow government of us?
Will friendly fire be how we go down?
Just exactly who should we trust?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Escalator

The Escalator
By Mark Lysgaard

The escalator keeps going up
In the Defense Department store,
Unlike Macys and Saks Fifth Avenue
It has unlimited and dangerous floors.

Most department stores would like to sell
Products for domestic consumption.
But the Defense Department store will sell
Fear as part of their assumption.

And as the escalator picks up speed
and the votes are blocked by the Pugs.
It's a run away escalator, how high will it go?
As each floor has dirtier rugs.

Can't we slow down the escalator?
Or perhaps bring it to a stop?
Shouldn't we walk each step by step
Not automatically moving hop?

If we walk each lurid floor
And understand our steps in context,
We'll see the waste of our taxes and troops
In the military industrial complex.

So now's the time to get off the escalator
And takes the stairs step by step.
Let's trust the climb that we the people have
And the promise of democracy kept.

We Have No Plan to Invade Iran

We Have No Plan to Invade Iran
By Mark Lysgaard

"We have no plans
To invade Iran,"
Said the ever elusive Dick Cheney.
All options are on
The table of Cons
To drive all Americans crazy.

We need three carriers
To break down the barriers
In the gulf of those people known as Persians.
We are the world cops.
We'll talk about stops.
Their nuclear power into weapon's conversion.

Don't ask Valerie Plame
Since we have no shame
And we don't need a UN weapon's inspection.
Just take our word for it
America can afford it
Using the military not diplomatic selection.

So we have no plans
To invade Iran...
Just like we had no plans to invade Iraq.
No more ground troops
Just tactile nukes.
There's oil under their Persian tracks!

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Lip Service

The Lip Service
(after revelations have emerged regarding the deplorable conditions of Walter Reed Hospital due to cuts in benefits to Veterans in favor of huge tax give aways to private military contractors)
By Mark Lysgaard

From the armed services to lip services
The troops come back with needs.
Just don't tell them they can find the care
At a hospital called Walter Reed.

The hospital for our troops and vets
That was once a pillar of care,
Finds the budget full of defense cuts
For private contractor's share.

With mold and rats and roaches to welcome
Those who come home from battle,
Will find their needs for medical care
Like a slaughter room waiting for cattle.

Billions cut from the Vet administration
For private military profiteers.
While our troops come home having to pay
For sacrifices we would fear.

But Bush and the Pugs would say, "Look away!
Pay no attention to those muck raking trouble groups!"
We'll put billions more into private war profiteers

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Bravest Man Who Would Not Go

The Bravest Man Who Would Not Go
By Mark Lysgaard

As the trial is underway
For Lieutenant Watada’s court marshal,
Not all the facts are on display
And just the government’s facts are partial.

It used to be a soldier’s duty and right
To refuse an unlawful order.
Invading a country under false pretense
Is crossing the justice border.

Ehren Watada stood tall and proud
And took a moral stand.
Refusing to go back to Iraq
And perhaps to go to Iran.

But the judge in the case refused to hear
The case on moral grounds.
The duty to disobey an unlawful order
Is out of the Bush legal bounds.

Under the military code of justice
Morality is no longer discussed,
And a president who deserted the national guard
Is the ultimate in irony's bust.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Neo-Constipated Neo-Cons

The Neo-Constipated Neo-Cons
(Mitch McConnell [R] KY blocked debate on a vote on a bill to debate the Iraq war.)
By Mark Lysgaard

The neo-constipated neo cons
In their ability to obstruct,
Blocked a vote to debate the war
So denial got all backed up.

Backed up through the Senate
And all the way to the White House.
The Tidy Bowl Man is held hostage
So are Mr. Plumber and his spouse.

It’s a case of Republican impaction
Through Mitch McConnel’s filibuster.
Like Limburger cheese and peanut butter
The bill is a stuck gut buster.

The bills a call for a healthy debate
Like Mueselix, prune juice, and scones.
It’s a chance to set the debate free
Instead of sitting on the Executive throne.