Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Escalator

The Escalator
By Mark Lysgaard

The escalator keeps going up
In the Defense Department store,
Unlike Macys and Saks Fifth Avenue
It has unlimited and dangerous floors.

Most department stores would like to sell
Products for domestic consumption.
But the Defense Department store will sell
Fear as part of their assumption.

And as the escalator picks up speed
and the votes are blocked by the Pugs.
It's a run away escalator, how high will it go?
As each floor has dirtier rugs.

Can't we slow down the escalator?
Or perhaps bring it to a stop?
Shouldn't we walk each step by step
Not automatically moving hop?

If we walk each lurid floor
And understand our steps in context,
We'll see the waste of our taxes and troops
In the military industrial complex.

So now's the time to get off the escalator
And takes the stairs step by step.
Let's trust the climb that we the people have
And the promise of democracy kept.


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