Friday, February 23, 2007

The Lip Service

The Lip Service
(after revelations have emerged regarding the deplorable conditions of Walter Reed Hospital due to cuts in benefits to Veterans in favor of huge tax give aways to private military contractors)
By Mark Lysgaard

From the armed services to lip services
The troops come back with needs.
Just don't tell them they can find the care
At a hospital called Walter Reed.

The hospital for our troops and vets
That was once a pillar of care,
Finds the budget full of defense cuts
For private contractor's share.

With mold and rats and roaches to welcome
Those who come home from battle,
Will find their needs for medical care
Like a slaughter room waiting for cattle.

Billions cut from the Vet administration
For private military profiteers.
While our troops come home having to pay
For sacrifices we would fear.

But Bush and the Pugs would say, "Look away!
Pay no attention to those muck raking trouble groups!"
We'll put billions more into private war profiteers


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