Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Neo-Constipated Neo-Cons

The Neo-Constipated Neo-Cons
(Mitch McConnell [R] KY blocked debate on a vote on a bill to debate the Iraq war.)
By Mark Lysgaard

The neo-constipated neo cons
In their ability to obstruct,
Blocked a vote to debate the war
So denial got all backed up.

Backed up through the Senate
And all the way to the White House.
The Tidy Bowl Man is held hostage
So are Mr. Plumber and his spouse.

It’s a case of Republican impaction
Through Mitch McConnel’s filibuster.
Like Limburger cheese and peanut butter
The bill is a stuck gut buster.

The bills a call for a healthy debate
Like Mueselix, prune juice, and scones.
It’s a chance to set the debate free
Instead of sitting on the Executive throne.


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