Monday, February 26, 2007

Sharing With Sunnis

Sharing With Sunnis
(Revelations have surface from Cy Hirsh’s article that covert funds of American tax dollars have been used by the Bush administration to fund Sunni extremists against Hezbollah, but those Sunni extremists also fund Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda)
By Mark Lysgaard

From “I Got You Babe” to “I Shot You Babe”
The song keeps getting more perverse.
Those IEDs that keep destroying our troops
Come right from our tax payer’s purse.

Funding Sunnis for the Saudis
To destabilize the Middle East.
But isn’t the Iraqi government Shia?
Is it our policy to know the least?

Don’t ask questions about funding Sunnis!
Paul Bremer is not authorized to answer.
Our tax dollars that are killing our troops
Go to Al Qaeda and other cancers.

Remember the eight billion that disappeared
That could’ve been seen from outer space?
Unmarked bills under Bremer’s watch
Tax dollars gone without a trace.

Will the song remain the same;
Behind the shadow government of us?
Will friendly fire be how we go down?
Just exactly who should we trust?


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