Sunday, February 25, 2007

We Have No Plan to Invade Iran

We Have No Plan to Invade Iran
By Mark Lysgaard

"We have no plans
To invade Iran,"
Said the ever elusive Dick Cheney.
All options are on
The table of Cons
To drive all Americans crazy.

We need three carriers
To break down the barriers
In the gulf of those people known as Persians.
We are the world cops.
We'll talk about stops.
Their nuclear power into weapon's conversion.

Don't ask Valerie Plame
Since we have no shame
And we don't need a UN weapon's inspection.
Just take our word for it
America can afford it
Using the military not diplomatic selection.

So we have no plans
To invade Iran...
Just like we had no plans to invade Iraq.
No more ground troops
Just tactile nukes.
There's oil under their Persian tracks!


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