Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Alberto Going, Alberto Going, Alberto Gone...

Alberto Going, Alberto Going, Alberto Gone
(Alberto Gonzales is up against his own wall of Justice as he takes responsibility for the political firings of federal prosecutors, but doesn’t know how it happened. Hmmm…)

By Mark Lysgaard


Inside the Justice cloak are partisan daggers
By the Attorney General with a big turnkey.
He’s turning tricks with key members
As federal lawyers are told to leave.

There’s a trail of smears and dirty tricks
From California to New Mexico
Heather Wilson and Pete Diminici
Call Rove for what we don’t know.

The Federal attorneys doing their jobs
And then eight of them were suddenly fired,
Like Carol Lam who got the “Dukester”
And David Iglesias who was forced to retire.

It’s strange that six of the eight let go
Were investigating corruption indictments.
Like federal bribes with military contractors
For George, that’s too much excitement.

And what about those federal prosecutors
Who did NOT go after those for voter fraud?
In Florida and Ohio where Republicans won
Did these attorneys’s sit back and applaud?

So now subpoenas will finally be issued
To the administration by light’s early dawn.
Just when will Alberto finally be going?
When will Alberto B. Gone?


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