Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Curing Couric-itus

Curing Couric-itus

(a poem for Katie Couric)

By Mark Lysgaard


It took less than 60 minutes

For the diagnosis to incite us

That the anchor for the network news

Suffers from terminal Couric-itus.

A hapless, hazardous, hypocritical condition

That afflicts the CBS News anchor.

Interviewing Edwards and wife

To question his motive with rancor.

“How can you move forward and campaign

When your wife is ill with cancer?”

Some people say that Couric-itus

Embodies the actual answer.

Did Couric take time to console

Her spouse when he was sick?

Or did she continue news networking?

Was her morality turning tricks?

Whether it’s Couric-itus or Couric-tosis;

This compassionate conservative disease

Should be dealt with mass populism,

John Edwards keep running please!


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