Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Goodling's Fifth

Goodling’s Fifth

(Monica Goodling’s, assistant US Attorney General to Alberto Gonzales, has decided to plead the Fifth Amendment to testify in front of Congress about the firing of federal prosecutors. But the Fifth Amendment is used in criminal court cases not for investigations in Congress.)


Before she sits in front of Congress,

We heard Goodling’s lawyer advise,

“Now’s the time to take the Fifth

Before incriminating or talking lies.”

But isn’t the Fifth Amendment used

In criminal cases against self incrimination?

Congress is investigating document dumps

To bring truth to the investigation.

Congress is not a court room

Where criminal proceedings reside.

Congress investigates to see if the facts

Are consistent to see if people lied.

Why is Bush and the DOJ*

Asking Goodling to plead the Fifth?

Is it a Fifth of JB or Jack Daniels?

Getting drunk and repeating myths.

Or maybe the “Fifth” was a misspelling

And the second “F” should be an “L”.

Will Goodling plead she’s part of the “Filth”

To keeping the lies buried in Hell.

The paradox of this administration

Using the Fifth for congressional blocks.

I’ll bet it’s a fifth of whiskey they need

And we the people need justice de-toxed!

*Department of Justice


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