Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Loyalty Oath and the Oil to Loath

The Loyalty Oath and the Oil To Loath

By Mark Lysgaard


In the mirror of juxtapositions

We see the face of the energy war.

It’s not the reflections of Osama bin Laden

But Exxon and Mobile and more.

It’s the face of British Petroleum

And Shell and Chevron we see.

It’s the coalition of the filling stations

Supplying our ailing economy.

It’s the Loyalty oath for the Big five

And Cheney’s secret energy.

A public servant for corporate order

And American hegemony.

It’s poison pumps that push the needles

In the oil fields in Iraq.

As Arab people sit and watch

Unemployed and trapped.

The ruse of terror that coats the face

That tries to make us afraid,

Continues to occupy the Iraqi place

With terror that’s American made.

So as the Big five continues to plunder

And Cheney signs their loyalty oath,

The mirror reflects how the Arabs feel

With anger and oil to loath.


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