Thursday, March 29, 2007

President Bufford T. Pusser

President Bufford T. Pusser
(a look at Fred Thompson if he ran for pres)
By Mark Lysgaard

From Bufford Pusser in “Walking Tall”
To Arthur Branch on “Law and Order”
Fred Thompson actor and Republican
Maybe the cure for the Pug’s disorder.

A new gallop poll that just came out
Showed Fred Thompson coming in third.
Right behind Pro-war McCaine
And Giulani’s vindictive words.

The GOP is grasping at straws
And straw polls give them a hunch.
Which candidates they can stand
And not get their undies in a bunch.

Perhaps if Bufford started swinging his stick
Walking Tall in his Tennessee drawl,
Then maybe the polls may reflect
How the Pugs are learning to crawl.

Or if Arthur Branch starts scolding McCoy
For his gracious Liberal demeanor.
Then Republicans may feel secure
That their dirt is a lit bit cleaner.

It’s all about the Pug’s PR campaign
And marketing a good vibration.
Will Fred Thompson one day be prez?
Perhaps in his imagi-Nation!


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