Friday, March 23, 2007

The Republemmings Off Capitol Hill

The Republemmings off Capitol Hill

By Mark Lysgaard


There’s an exciting event happening in DC

Of the party who fell off the Hill.

What’s all the excitement

About the indictments?

It’s about justice with coffers to fill.

From Abramoff to Scooter Libby

The Dukester and Bob Ney;

The Republemmings dive

Into the justice bee hive;

Stung as they are sent away.

It’s a chain gang of greedy gangster

When “Bug Spray Tom”dove in.

Who could be next

In the justice context?

How many know how to swim?

It’s The Capitol Hill leap in Washington DC.

The Republemmings want gold in the event.

Their gymnastic like diving

Is twisting and conniving.

Watch them dive for this president!


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