Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sampson and De Liars

Sampson and De Liars

(A look at Assistant US Attorney Kyle Sampson e-mails in the Gonzalez DOJ that reveal the premeditated firing of federal US prosecutors for partisan reasons.)

By Mark Lysgaard


Federal attorney Kyle Sampson

Was the first greased pig to squeal.

“I’m not going to take the fall!

Going to jail is not in my deal!

But I’ll tell you ‘bout Brett Tolman

Assistant Attorney in the House.

This was the House once run by the Pugs

With rodents like a Patriot Act mouse.

The mouse emerged in the Patriot Act

Between all of the fascist insulation,

Bush has the right to fire and appoint

Fed prosecutors without confirmation.

How could this language gotten past

The judicious eyes of Arlen Specter?

He now sits there apparently confused

No oversight by our electors?

Federal attorney Brett Tolman

Slipped a Mickey mouse in our water,

With language to allow more presidential power

Like a rape drug given to our daughters.

So will the subpoenas be issued at once

And how many cabinet men may be fired?

We’ll watch to see how justice unfolds

The likes of Sampson and the de liars.


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