Friday, March 16, 2007

Shaking Out Sheik Mohammad

Shaking out Sheik Mohammad

(With the Department of Justice under fire for firing federal attorneys for partisan reasons, it’s time to bring out someone who has been in custody for four years for a convenient confession and distraction away from the DOJ)
By Mark Lysgaard


It’s been four years since he’s been caught

And he suddenly makes the confession.

"I was the mastermind on 9/11

For evil and despicable lessons."

But how did we obtain the facts

That shook the sheik from his shoes?

Could it be that we also used

Torture to get these clues?

Whatever happened to due process?

It seems to be long since overdue.

Aren’t we a nation of laws and not men?

Except for Bush and Alberto’s crew.

And why now do we get the confession

By a disheveled shirted Sheik in custody?

Could it be that Alberto needs

A distracting card from up his sleeve?

Someone else please take the heat

You can hear it under Alberto’s breath

Like a reject slob from Animal House

Let’s put the Sheik quickly to death.


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